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Showing posts from July 22, 2007

Denisetastic (long post)

I am not sure what a bride should be thinking about in the week before her wedding but for me the topic I default to is the same as usual - knitting.

While waiting for the pooch to make an appearance I did a little bit of browsing in accessorise and saw this.

A make up bag, you might think. But no. Something completely different occurred to me. Because for some time there has been a problem knawing at my soul - that of what to do with the extra bits and pieces I have bought to supplement my denise-needle-love since pooch first bought them for me. I have got the pink extension kit, the two long cables, the 12 and 15mm ends as well as all the original bits and pieces. So when I saw this object the thing that immediately sprang into my mind was how similar in size the compartments are to denise needles.

And sure enough I was right. So can you guess what happened next? Those of a frail disposition may wish to look away. I cut my denise box in half. I actually cut it up. It felt really wrong …

Manky rant

Am still at home with this wretched cold. Which is annoying as I am surrounded by stuff I need to do but would rather not. There is just so much going on at the moment, I'm feeling a bit wobbly.
MBA - which I'm now very behind on the study for, I've missed the study day on sat because of this cold and I haven't started the essay half of the next assignment which is due in the day before the...Wedding - 10 days to go. I still need to finish my jewellery, make a ring cushion and decide what I'm doing with my hair. Before that there is the ...Hen do, which is on saturday. I still haven't managed to invite loads of people I wanted to come and I haven't contacted art4fun to tell them we're coming. They might be closed that day for all I know. And before that is...Tomorrow morning, which I'm not blogging about until something comes of it but is basically another source of stress for which I've done no research or preparation.
Pah.What would make far mor…