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Showing posts from September 9, 2007

Those who can, do.

There are several rather unattractive insults that start like this but in my case it is very true. For if I could I would, but I can'[t so I'm going to get on with my knitting which is what I would be doing if I had any choice in the first place. Ah yes, can you hear the delightful overture played on kazoo and nails-on-blackboard that is the start of one of my moans about this goddamn MBA? The thing is - if it were easy there'd be no point doing it. But if it's so hard and time consuming why do I not find it is worth anything in the real world?

Ok, OK, I'll shut up. And all this distracting myself form what I can't do has meant quite a bit of knitting has taken place recently. Yes because the ugly duckling that was this..
is now all grown up into this...
Observe the sticky-uppiness of the seams, which I did indeed backstitch in the end.
Yeah baby.
So yes, a very good knit and very enjoyable. Good pattern and well written. Is one of web of wool's own ones. Can se…