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Showing posts from October 21, 2007

October catch up

One of the things I like about the CraftyPod podcast is that she has these periodic catch ups and so that is what I'm seeing this post as. I have been a bit of a lazy blogger recently and there really is quite a lot to share.

First we have a little bit of jewellery. One of the things that held me back from spending my limit at ally pally was the thought that I already had one of everything. That 'everything' included a necklace kit from one of the fabulous bead stalls bought at last year's AP. So out it has come and we've got this far.

I think it's rather pretty and is pretty easy to follow.

That spurt of jewellery making saw me get out a few beads I had been maeaning to make into a bracelet for a while. Queue my yarnstorm moment...

and a slightly more practical shot of memory wire creation:

I got the beads in america earlier this year. I am always a sucker for polka dots and I just adore these little ones.

That is the non-knitting content out of the way. So now two …

Water, water everywhere...

...but not a drop to drink. I have started seriously craving Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry.

This worries me slightly as, wearing my fat pants and sitting on the sofa with knitting in one hand and a glass of sherry in the other, I fear I'm turning into a stereotype. The weekend was mostly spent on the sofa due to nausea caused by latest round of antibiotics. This also explains the dearth of sherry and indeed all alcohol as lovely dentist assures me I will be horribly sick if I try and combine the two. Normally this wouldn't matter but Pooch has been peer-pressuring me to up my intake recently (i think to disguise his middle-class-alcoholism) and I now distinctly miss my evening snifter.

All this sofa time has meant some progress knitwise but don't have any photos handy so will have to wait. But I do have one thing to share. I am sure most people must have seen this by now but check out this woman's stash. I wonder how she would come out on the stashtimator?!