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Showing posts from November 25, 2007

Post 2 and a podcast

So the second post in this series, if people have got their breath back aafter that awesome blanket, is to look at my knitting and the most gorgeous baby I know. Knitting first...

Bracket Fungus socks are totally finished. I did them on 2-needles with a short row heel and I *love* them! Wore them on saturday.

And then the december tam from the interweave gifts mag is coming along nicely. I can only do a row or two a night as otherwise my tiny brain gets fuddled.
I'm doing it via the magic loop method and loving it although the contrast between the Rowan (thanks secret pal!) and the diakeito isn't as much as I'd hoped. Is nice though and with the weather getting colder am looking forward to wearing it.

Then I very proudly finished my first real granny square. Not much I know but then I've never done a proper old school one before so thought I'd give it a go.
And then I was doing some other of the blocks from the 200 crochet blocks book and this is my favourite so far. …

I think I am scared of my blog, or something

I think it's since I've been editing my 2005 entries to make them into a blog book through I keeping thinking about what stuff used to be like and how what is on here has a meaning although I'm not quite sure what that meaning is. It has contributed to me getting 'a thing' about blogging. I used to have a thing about Independence Day (the film). I still have a think about crouching tiger hidden dragon. I have it unwatched. And as a sign of how long this particular thing has been around it's a video. I have to blog to break the 'thing' but I keep putting it off. I'm hoping to fully hammer it to bits by posting two posts at once. Woo yeah!

So this post is going to focus on the amazing blanket the golders green group have given me. Here it is complete...

And here we are looking at each and every bit individually...

Woo hoo!