Friday, 4 January 2008


I am so very addicted to the mighty boosh nowadays. I bought series 1&2 on dvd before christmas and pooch and I have watched them all. I watched most of series 3 on bbc 3, watched the live show on tv around new year and have now bought the radio shows form itunes. I can't decide which one I like most but then I remember that I don't need to decide - I can like them both. I think however that I might be coming down on the side of Howard aka Julian. He is quite Pooch-like and rather handsome in a tall, northern kind of way. He's the one on the right below.
Then there is Vince aka Noel. He is a pop-tart who hovers between goth and emo with skinny legs and big hair. He is attractive in a rather more obvious way but that doesn't mean he should be dismissed. He's on the left in the pic above and on the right in the one below.
The Mighty Boooooooosh, the mighty boosh....

Xmas and new year are now long gone and were hugely enjoyable. There were two major parties, one thrown by us and one at Leah's.
This young man excelled himself by pulling on another girl's knee high boots (and doing them up - I need to find out where she got them as I'm too chunky for my old ones and Dann's no flower fairy), donning a bright pink wig and mincing around the room. I was trying to teach him how to walk in heels and he did get quite good towards the end of it. There is a video which I hope to get hold of sometime soon....

I finally finished the hourglass jumper from Last Minute Knitted Gifts at Golders Green on wednesday. I like finishing things there - they are so much more appreciative of the effort involved than the Pooch is. I *really* love the jumper. It fits very nicely and I was tempted to cast on another one straight away.

Instead I have cast on the sunburst jumper from an ancient copy of Interweave. It is a Norah Gaugain and involves medallions on the front and back which turn into a top down raglan type of thing. Photos when it gets a bit further along.

So here I am at work again biding my time. Notice has been handed in and resignations made official. My last day is the 18th and I start the next job on the 21st. Quite exciting. Not quite sure what to do with myself for the next few weeks.


Lynn said...

It's gorgeous! The fit looks great and it's the perfect colors for you. What a way to start the year. :)


Happy New Year to you and the Pooch. I really like the look of that jumper on you, looks like it fits really well and suits you mightily. P.S. I have eventually decided that I prefer Howard. But it was a tough, and yet ultimately meaningless, decision....

Susan said...

I have been wanting to knit the hourglass forever! Seeing how fab yours turned out has moved it to the top of my list.

Fantastic job...Looks so cute on you;)

Pyewacket said...

Duo boots ( do boots in both shoe AND calf sizes. Not cheap but worth it to get some that actually fit. There's a sale right now.

Edd said...

i'm in the same mighty boosh boat as you! my brother got me season 1&2 for xmas and saw some of season 3 and the live stuff on bbc3 over xmas. they are GEEEEEEEENIUS!

"don't be cynical, it's a follicle miracle"

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