Monday, 7 January 2008

I have a theory

When you do a detox, apparently, you body releases all kinds of nasty stuff that would normally be stored within your fat reserves. This causes spots and so on. I say 'apparetly' as detox's are things I only read about never wishing to actually make a practise of it myself. And so my theory is born. I gave up the last of my mirtazipine roughly a month ago (leaving me with just half the prozac). One of the big side effects of that for me was increased appetite and a seemingly unrelenting desire for chocolate. Coupled with a lack of will power this lead to big old weight gain. Since giving up my sugar intake has plummeted, as has my appetite in general. I'm still eating plenty and manage a respectable amount of chocolate but it's not a compulsion anymore. The result is that my loyal fat reserves are slowly but surely being eroded.

Recently I have had a spate of minor niggles such as swollen glands, itchy legs (don't ask me), restless sleep and nausea. It struck me earlier today that this could be all the mank I'd been safely storing finding its way out. So having had a particularly rough night last night there would appear to be only one logical solution.


I have to. It's the only way I'll feel well again.

Believe it or not the Sunburst jumper I blogged about last time is nearly finished. Just goes to show how quickly that bulky yarn knits up compared to the old 4-ply. Its been an interesting knit but I wish they'd found room for a few extra schematics. I've added some notes to the ravlery pattern page to help others out. The front and back are done and look good.
It was the gussets that had me worrying and puzzling for a bit but once I realised they went form the underarm to the waist and the silly neckline wasn't in fact the neckline but the raglan shoulders too it all went swimmingly. You can just about see the triangular gusset in the pic below. Short rows and a good idea.
But my god it has used up a lot of yarn. Going to be quite a monster once it's done.

Yesterday saw the last of my xmas parties with 'the gang' showing up chez pooch/byrne.
Good fun was had by all although it did seem a bit much for some people.




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Knit Nurse said...

good grief, did he grow that for a bet?!

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