Friday, 18 January 2008

You don't see a baby for ages then two come along at once

Hot on the heels of the blue cardi behold Maya sporting the latest in knitted everton shirts! She is about 6 weeks old and the hunk on the left is Daddy Fu.

It was secret santa at golders green this week and I did particularly well this year! Check out the gorgeous buttons and the crochet-lite which is the coolest thing ever - HOORAH!

Knitwise things have been going well. I started a pair of the aquaphobia socks in a lovely colourway called autumn marigold I got on etsy. I *really* like the effect of the slipped stitches.
It made me think - I am sure their are dictionaries of slipped stitch patterns so maybe I'll look into that. Also this is yet another pair on magic loop - I am such a convert.

My other news is that my first blog book has arrived. 250 pages odd of goodness. I am really impressed with the quality. The software they give you to use is very easy to manipulate and it practically creates the book for you. The one downside of the site (which is is that you can't sell your books unless you have a bank account in the US. Bit weird but seeing how no one is going to want a book of my blog apart from me not a huge problem!
Books of 2006 and 2007 are on their way too.

Of course the big news today is that it was my last ever day at the IOP. Was weird, to say the least. Felt kind of numb really. There are some people I'm going to miss and miss a lot but then there's a lot happened there that I'm quite happy to leave behind.


Laura said...

Hi, delurking to say thanks for the link to! Now I know what to do with all those old Symposium press cuttings!

Laura x

Anne said...

Hi, Anne from Australia.
First time to your blog.
I loved the cat photos.
I had a good giggle at them :)

iHanna said...

Congrats on the book Lixie, it looks awesome!

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