Sunday, 3 February 2008

Around the world in 80 socks

I'm watching 'around the world in 80 gardens' at the moment. I really liked 'around the world in 80 treasures' and so thought, what with me now being connected via-wage-packet to a load of people who most certainly aren't gardeners but who do things with gardens sometimes, I should give it a whirl. He's in australia. Can't help thinking though that each time he says 'I chose this garden because...' he went and looked through one of those coffee table books of places to see before you die and chose them because they looked nice. But then I know that's just me being mean.

The title of this series got me thinking about the number of socks I've knitted, which is considerably more than I thought. When compiling my blog book for 2007 I found I'd knitted 12 pairs during the year and that was without making them for xmas presents. Is it possible I've now made more than 80 socks? I think it must be because now there's another three to add to the total.

These are the Maridoldaphobia socks based on the Aquaphobia pattern but using 'Autumn Marigold' colourway by Thank Ewe on etsy.
I love the colours which remind me of the marigolds that grew at the bottom of our front garden when I was a kid. Mum would send sian and I down there to gather the seeds although I can't remember them ever growing in the back garden. The colours don't come across too well here but you can see the slip stitch pattern and the cable. Wouldn't bother with the cable again but the slip stitch is gorgeous.

So that accounts for two socks, but what of the third? Well that one is just going to have a mini-glimpse since I'm making it for a swap. I've made up the pattern and desperately want to keep them for myself but it's not to be. The swap is being organised by the Knitters Guild on Ravelry so is all Discworld themed.

In a bit of housekeeping my 'Gimme Your Stuff' swap parcel arrived. We agreed to use surface mail so mine was sent at the beginning of Dec as was hers. Lovely stuff - seaweed flavoured animal biscuits!
Thanks for the parcel!

Lastly, I went to a paint-your-own-pottery place with my best mates and their partners a few weeks ago and this is what had made its way back to me. Some people will be wondering why I, well known for my dislike of football, have taken so much trouble to paint them all over my mug. Others will sympathise with what I was trying to do!
I do love the green and purple together though!

I should mention that the sock blocker I have used has been borrowed from Jane. A woman has contacted me to say her husband is on the case to provide some for the UK without our having to order from the US. As soon as they're ready she promises to send some prototypes my way and I can't wait! Having used this one of Jane's I am a complete convert. They just make the socks look so good.


Janey said...

It will be great to have a UK supplier of sock blockers - will keep waiting patiently!

Lovely socks btw!

Anonymous said...

i received your package today!! THANKS!!!!
the knickers are TOO CUTE!


ambermoggie said...

love the socks:) Mr Mog is currently making me some sock blockers mini but has said he will make adult size as well which will be cool:)

JudyMac said...

Wow, you have already started! Yikes...
Me, I've been reading your blog, and catching up on your likes and dislikes, and coming up with ideas.
Ankh-Morpork Knitters Guild - Ravelry swop.

JudyMac said...

Ooops, sock blockers in the UK from Get Knitted...I got mine a year ago.

knittynix said...

Hi Lixie!
I haven't heard back from you (sent an email couple of weeks ago) so I thought i'd probably reach you thru comments. We've had some local interest in the blockers so have set up a little shop on ebay! It's very exciting. (Search for wightwood sock blockers)Feedback from those who have seen and handled the prototypes is great and we'd still like to send you one if you could let us have your address? I hope you are feeling better having been poisoned by Pooch. That happened to me once on holiday, but hub swore it was our chalet maids and not him! Hmmmm.

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