Tuesday, 19 February 2008

A litle burst of creativity

I remember being rather irritated at someone who wrote an article saying that people who follow patterns aren't creative and are just copying someone else. My response to this statement is part emotional and therefopre hard to put into words. Or was until I joined the Coconut Grove group on Ravelry and looked at the thread about phrases people are now using in general conversation. The news that one raveler is now regularly ending arguments with "How would you like a face full of cockney urine?" cheered me up no end and I shall be using that riposte frequently from now on when challenged by annoying people such as the hitcher or chief shaman's wife. Or people who say there is no creativity in making something from a pattern.

(Incidentally you know how I was having a hard time deciding between Vince and Howard? Well I came to a conclusion - why decide? They're good friends. The extras to series three confirm they have kissed a zillion times so why separate them. You can never have too much of a good thing they tell me.)

So what got me thinking about this? Well I have had an urge to crochet and the only square I feel comfortable making is the one from the babette blanket that I finished last year. So I've made some. And I was trying to decide whether endlessly making the same square, even in different colours, was creative or not.
Only 7 so far but coming along. Using three left over balls of dk superwash. Going to be another offering to the skipnorth charity project. Which reminds me - someone asked for the preemie patterns so here is the site with all the links.

Apart from those it has been sock central here. I finished my discworld swap socks at the weekend. I sooooooooooooooo want to keep them. Might make myself some although I don't think I've ever made the same pair twice before, apart from standard unpatterned ones that is.

Then I also made another plain sock on magic loop using some of the Fabel I got at Ally Pally. Just like regia really.
Only to keep things interesting I decided to throw in some beads. Despite the fact you can't see them, even if you know they're there to see.
There's a zigzag of them in there somewhere.

So that just about raps it up chez byrne. Podcast in the wings for the weekend with a special new sponsor which is going to be awesome!


Sasha said...

pooh pooh to that saying! If you're making something, you're creative, right? I'll grant you that if you design what you're making yourself you get bonus creativity points for first creating the pattern, then creating the item, but POOH POOH i tell you!! hehee

oooh and another podcast soon - fabulous!! =D

donnac1968 said...

Gotta be Vince for me!! I;m a little bit obsessed to be honest!

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