Saturday, 23 February 2008


I may be wrong but I think Royal Mail is getting worse. They are making a habit of keeping my parcels from me. I ask for them to be redelivered and they don't come. I go to pick them up and they're not there (apparently it can take 4 days for a parcel to go from being a metre away from my postbox but undeliverable to getting 20 mins walk away to the sorting office, not the 24 hours they always write on the card). That asie, I finally got my amazon order today and here they are, tra la!
Nickerjac got a copy of the lace one at last year's SkipNorth (2 weeks to go!) and I finally gave in. Some of the circular ones are just divine.

Then opposite the sorting office is a charity shop and they had a load of old knitting books. When I say old I mean 80s. I got these two.
Someone was talking about the Patricia Roberts one on Ravelry the other day. I got them because although the shapes are a bit boxy or baggy there are some quite inspiring designs and patterns. For instance from the Roberts book comes this lot.

1. Polka dot bows sewn on afterwards. OK, I'm not actually going to ever do this but you've got to love it.
2. Again the design is odd but I do like the collar.
3. Lovely jacket. With a bit of shaping it would be lovely.
4. Lovely fairlisle patterns

Then from the Sweater Book.
1. I just love it. I'm not going to apologise.
2. Lovely harlequin effect. Not with long sleeves though.
3. The effect of the pattern and the fibres is lovely.
4. Like the side to side fairisle. They mention DK in the pattern but then it is on 6mm needles and looks a lot chunkier.
5. Love the little flashes and the stripes.

My other major score is curtosy of ebay and is quite an amazing deal. No sign of a catch so far but will keep you informed. 2 pairs of addi needles in any size and any length for £9 odd including postage and mine arrived next day. This seller.
And look - I got an addi sweet too!

In amongst all this capitalist consumerism there has been a bit of knitting. Have picked up my Mermaid again and done a chunk more.
I've decided the 3rd colour, the lilac, isn't that bad afterall and so am slogging through the rows again. Got a chunk done when was watching WWE Raw on thurs night. Honestly - did you see when Jeff Hardy did that back flip off the top rope and totally missed Snitsky but he fell over anyway? Don't see HHH making those kind of errors. Mind you, don't see HHH on the top rope much nowadays. None of us are as young as we used to be.

Finally we have a picture of Darth Mould getting ready to tackle the mould in the kitchen. The landlord has suddenly jumped into action after I mentioned our moving out and a plumber is coming tomorrow to assess the problem. There's obviously a leak further up as the flat below us have a problem too but at least someone is actually doing something about it now.


sheepish1 said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the sweater photo update, and then I got to Darth Mould, sorry I am still cracking up...had to retype my note 3 times your blog entries...and yes I dare you to make one of those lovely sweaters...I vote for the one with the bows....happy knitting as always!

Lily said...

Oh I got some Addis from that seller too - marvelous!! Really fast to post too!!

Love the charity shop books!

Sasha said...

Hehee! Fabulous Lixie! Love the jumpers - I'm a fan of the ranbow chequered one too, I'll happily admit!! oooh and an Addi lolly! Do tellus what it tasted like!

Spinningfishwife said...

I've knitted three of the sweaters from The Sweater Book that you posted pictures of!! Yes, and worn them out and/or sent them to the charity shop, lol.

Penny said...

Oh, did you see the gloves the model was wearing in the Patricia Roberts 'bow' sweater picture. I made a pair of them, from Patricia Roberts wool, bought in the Patricia Roberts shop in Covent Garden. They were blue, with red bows.

Whoops, have I just dated myself - I was really quite young at the time.

Anonymous said...

Ah, The Sweater Book! I'd forgotten all about it, but it's been sitting on my shelf for 25 years. Thanks for reminding me -- it really has some great designs that could be adapted to today's more fitted silhouettes.

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