Thursday, 7 February 2008


And therein lies the problem. I just got weighed today after a two week gap and far from having added to my 12 pound loss to date I have in fact gained half a pound. I jokingly told Pooch last week that I was currently pushing the boundaries since I didn't feel that my previous weight loss was down to me being particularly good - just not being as bad as I was before and of course knocking the Mirtazipine on the head. So I have been letting rather more cake and chocolate products pass the byrne lips over the last two weeks. And so really I shouldn't be surprised.

In a way it is quite comforting that I now know that I can still have a bit of fun and cake without ballooning. But still it's a bit of a slap wrist that it has gone up. Ah well. It's only half a pound. And as the woman who weighed me was quick to point out, "Well, you are wearing heavy trousers."

Last night was the first official Golders Green yarn swap. I thought I was being excessive dragging two huge carrier bags full up there (one of my colleagues asked me if I was moving as I left the office) but I was as nothing compared to some of the donations. I can't really put into words how much yarn there was, and some of it really good stuff too, and the pics are still on my camera so I'll leave that for another day. But my word. There Was A Lot. I'll share my modest haul (came back with about a third of the quantity I left with) when I get hold of the camera cable.

Just to finish off it always amazes me how just as I confirm the final numbers with the hostel more people jump up and book for SkipNorth. 3 definites last night, one maybe and a booking form in my inbox this morning. The more the merrier - but I do need bookings sooner rather than later! If anyone else fancies a weekend knitting, learning and shopping (mainly shopping!) from 7-9 March then click on the link above and book. It's £165 all in or £135 if you want to find our own B&B. The Yahoo discussion group is picking up speed as we've finalised the workshops. This year it is...
  • Colour Theory
  • Modular Knitting
  • Dyeing in the Kitchen

(Or as Pooch put it "You're not cooking are you, because then it would be 'dying in the kitchen'.") Fnah fnah.

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Rosie said...

Apparently, if you get the right sort of chocolate (has to be high in falvonids, and this depends on where it is grown) then it is mroe effective at controlling blood pressure than statins are. So I reckon it is my duty to sample as many different types of choc as possible, on a regular basis, to make sure I'm getting my flavonids.

and to anyone hesitating about SkipNorth: just do it. It is a wonderful event.

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