Friday, 28 March 2008

Can I get a woo-yeah? OK, how about a boll-ocks?

I finished the lovely lace style cardi. Only thing is it just isn't that lovely. It's too fricking big!!!
At first look it might look ok. But let's take a closer one.
First hint of truoble. Look at how that shoulder is all puckered and not looking too good. Close up you can see the shoulder is hanging more than an inch below my actual shoulder.
It's not like I'm underendowed in the shoulder dept. It's just too damn big. Such a shame because I really like it.
Work it girlfriend...

The only thing keeping me going is that my crosswalkers (links straight to pdf) are looking rather nice.
Much more subtle than jaywalkers but still interesting and they adapt very well to the magic loop method.

I scored an amazing book on ebay this week called 'The Tap Dancing Lizard'. I came across it by chance and it is full of charts for hand and machine knitting. How can anyone not fancy this on a jumper:
And, um, elephants...
OK, maybe not the actual elephants, but it does have some amazing designs and I can see them appearing in knit-form in my near future.

Now lastly I met up with my little sis on monday for dinner. She really is an impressive specimin. Brain the size of a planet and about to jet off to America for a year as part of her degree. She was in london, all expenses paid, to do a course with her prospective employer and happened to have the boyfriend along.
This is a rather rare photo since she's normally a tad camera shy. Think the young man must be doing her good.


Anonymous said...

shoulder pads are all you need. my purple crocheted cardigan sports a pair.
knit covers for them from the same or matching yarn, and you will be so happy that you did.

go for the smallest pads you can get that will do the trick, or just cut a few shoulder pad shaped bits of polar fleece and pad stich them, then cover with knitted cover.

shoulder pads.

it'll be fine.

tksmum said...

Tap Dancing Lizard is one of the most fun knitting books I've ever seen! Got mine some years ago, also on eBay, but still haven't actually made anything using it. Wonderful inspiration but!!!
Glad the new job is to your liking, and hoping the cold turkey is progressing well - perhaps you're losing the usual anti-d weight gain, which is why the cardi is a bit sloppy? Try the shoulder pad idea, or even run some tape along the shoulder seam and pull it up just a little as you do it. Also across the back of the neck, in case it is actually stretching there too, and making the shoulders look longer than they really are!
Cheers, Karen S. in Melbourne Oz.

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