Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Quit your jibber jabber fool

If Pooch was to be believed Mr T would be popping out of a tank and throwing a snickers bar at me any minute now while telling me to 'quit my jibber jabber' because, as he solemnly proclaimed to me last night, three days is rather a long time to be ill. He seemed to think that there was some malingering going on and I should go into work regardless of whether I was better or not. At 1am I was coughing so badly and for so long that even he, who had taken refuge in the spare room complete with ear plugs, came in to ask me whether I was ok. "I'm fine" I croaked between whoops, "I think you're right - I'm definitely not really that ill. I'll go in tomorrow." I woke up this morning weak as a kipper and with this really sexy new element to my life - I audibly wheeze when breathing - both in and out. Yeah baby, I'm pretty irresistable right now what with the bed hair, sneezing, coughing and definitive fat pants ensemble - designed not only for comfort but also for those speedy sofa to bed transitions. So far today I haven't even done any knitting - that's how kipper like I am.

Anyway, one thing that is keeping body and soul together is the wonderful parcel I got from the Ravelry Discworld Swap. My pal was Judy and she sent me this lovely lot. (There was some chocolate too but in true swap style this didn't make it to the photography stage).

First up is this gorgeous bchunky cotton.
Judy is a bit of a whiz with natural dyeing and assures me the colours came from mushrooms collected locally from near her house in france. Wow.

She made me these lovely stitch markers:
And there were more beady things. A bag of red beads and these rather amazing things.
Knowing my love of buttons, would you take a look at these and guess how happy I was with them?
Aren't they amazing? Definitely another one for the buttony cardigan.

Now before I get to the piece de resistance this was a Discworld swap and wouldn't be complete without a Nanny Ogg recipe for...chocolate and garlic cake!
Hmmmm, maybe, but I can definitely see some of the other chocolate recipes featuring in my near future. Just look at this for a new take on crispy cakes.

Now....take a deep breath (ignore the wheezing and hacking cough it causes) and look at this.
Oh yeah.
Work it baby.
So pretty! Thanks Judy!


Anonymous said...

hi Lixie, just been listening to your latest podcast ( a little late I know!!) I want to leave a suggestion for medium socks to enter your yarnimals compettion. I am currently knitting a pair of Jaywalkers from a free pattern that I found on Ravelry. They are great. You have to keep thinking as every second row has the pattern, but it is easy to remember and therefore the ideal take-along project. I agree with you that it is vital to have at least two projects on the go. One for at home and one for on the go! Here is the URL for the jaywalker pattern:

I have pictures of my jaywalkers on my profile at Ravelry. Look forward to the next podcast!

RooKnits said...

Poor you. I hope you feel better soon. I am currently spending my first day in the same state as you, still in my pj's, drinking hot ribena like it's going out of fashion. That scarf is amazing!

Lynn said...

Get thee to a Doctor girl!

Seriously get in to a Doc and get better soon. :)

Rosie said...

Hey, you sound really ill and not just snotty like what me and Wye Sue were.

Meantime, wow that scarf is amazing. don't fancy the cake recipe, though.

Rosie said...

Hi Lixie,
I've started listening to your podcasts in chronological order and I love it! I listen with pen in hand so I can jot down all your suggestions. Many thanks. I'm sorry you're feeling ill. Here's a home remedy that always works for me. A spoonful of honey with salt on top. Swallow little bits at a time and it should help with that nagging cough. Hope you feel better soon and I look forward to the next podcast (if you're up for it).
Take care,
Rosie (USA)

JudyMac said...

Get well soon, so we can all hear your next podcast.

I am glad you liked the box :) did find the bookmark?!


profbookwurm said...

please feel better soon.
i hope the chocolate helps.
the parcel may just work some magic.
i really enjoy your podcast.

Lindsay said...

Oooh, what a lovely package. This has been such a great swap.

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