Monday, 10 March 2008

SKIP-a-dee doo dah

I'm back from SkipNorth and do I have stash to share... in fact I think I might have gone a little bit over the top. And that is me saying that. To take a photo of it all I had to stand on a chair and hover over the double bed like the human fly.
SkipNorth hit Coldspring Mill, the Skep, the KCG yarn mountain and KCG trading and Wingham Wools. I also made a personal trip with Julie and Sue to Texere on friday morning. And the photo above shows the spoils.

Going round we start with the big pile of greens which are going to be another starghan, but for my sister Sian this time.
Then there is a selection of lace weight cones and some Rowan Kaffe Fasett light tweed in dark brown - cones were £1 each and rowan was 1p a gram (can you believe the prices?).

A pack of wingham chunky in blue/green - this is what made my so called scarf out of.
Above that is some green and blue airedale aran from Texere. Destined to be a stripey jumper for the Pooch. Also some Wingham roving destined to be another felted bag. I love the ones I've made from the last two trips and am going to make a bigger one.

There's a huge skein of lovely dark purple dk from Coldspring. Then a 400g ball of the james c brett denim. One of these is going to be Prepster from the Happy Hooker.

Then there is the sock yarn. The opal was 2 balls for £4 and I love the bright yellow. Jane has made me reconsider yellow for socks. There's some regia for baby clothes and some gorgeous variegated grey and blue too. The latter is from the Skep whilst the regia/opal is from KCG Trading.
At the very front of the pic is one of WyeSue's ginger cakes - she had made about 6 and I ended up with a whole one to myself! Am going to start on it later on today. WyeSue also gave me a lovely cold to bring back with me but I'm not going to hold a grudge. Just bring it up every time I see her from now until doomsday....Above that is the Zimmermann dvd set which I am so looking forward to! I got that at the KCG too.

I know what you're thinking (especially you Pooch) - how much more? Well we're nearly done. The surprise hit of the weekend was a haberdashery shop that Sian and I found last year by accident. It is so retro but the thing is all the retro stuff is just stock they still have left from when they first bought it. So here we have a small gathering of beautiful ribbons, buttons and nicknacks including a wooden pen and notelets from the KCG.
Just look at some of these buttons!
Aren't the teapots amazing - and the rest are just so kitsch.

So yes, all in all a very good haul indeed. And what about next year? Well, neither of us want to commit just yet but this year's did go especially well so the odds are good. To stay informed either join the Ravelry group or sign up to the Yahoo mailing list. I've also got the most amazing discworld swap parcel to show off that arrived while I was away but I am saving that for tomorrow so it doesn't get swallowed up in all the SkipNorth spoils.


Wye Sue said...

Sorry about the cold... I'm told that albas oil works - and I can smell it today !!

No wonder you hid all that in the car....

Thanks for organising another wicked shopping weekend :-)

Rosie said...

So glad that it was Wye Sue's cold you caguht rather than mine, *I* know how to keep my germses to meself!

Also thanks for diaplying stash pics, can now show them to hubby and say "see, I didn't get all that much, reall" (except maybe a spinning wheel...)

suse-the-slow-knitta said...

if you can get the stash onto a double bed, I think that suggests a marked level of restraint on your part. If you were unable to open the bedroom door that would be another matter.....

emmms said...

Those buttons... Oh, those buttons! I need more buttons.

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