Sunday, 8 June 2008

Flower power, and the football begins

Quite striking, isn't it...
Only took about an hour. Free pattern. Is my second tawashi for the ravelry tawashi swap. It's quite a lot bigger than I though it would be. Might be worth trying one in 4-ply for more of a delicate facecloth type thing.

Also the bag came out of the machine and is looking pretty good.

I'm going to add some inside pockets as I am permanently losing things like keys and travelcard inside even the smallest of bags. It's a kind of mary poppins effect.

The first of the euro 2008 games kicked off yesterday - just in case anyone hadn't noticed. I did my bit by attending the portugal game in the portugese district of london. Before yesterday I didn't know london had a portugese district but judging from the mass celebration resulting from just winning the first game I can assure you it does. Pooch and his mates have set up a blog again (they did all this for the world cup) and here it is. You can see the photos of all the celebrations which were pretty impressive. In case you want to visit the portugese district is between vauxhall and stockwall down south lambeth road. The cafe we were in was great and somehow for about 10 people being there for 4 hours drinking beer, sangria and eating it came to £100. We gave them a lot more as we were sure they must have miscalculated but even so compare that with just one hour in a central bar and it's definitely a good deal.
So that's it for me football-wise but it does leave me with quite a bit of free time as Pooch has committed to watching all the game again (same as during the world cup). I am slowly planning a cross-stitch representing my current point in life and had thought about challenging myself to do it while the football is on. I dislike watching cycling about as much as football so the tour de france KAL is out too hence my looking for my own challenge. But I think I'll enjoy it more if I don't stress about it so I'll just carry on getting the pattern sorted and then see how far I get before it all finally finishes in a few weeks time.


Puella63 said...

Being a Portuguese myself, who has been in London (I love it) several times, I didn't know there was such a thing as a Portuguese district!

I am an avid knitter and didn't stop knitting during yesterday's game. The games always make me too nervous!

I love your blog and I liked reading your husband's report on yesterday's game.

Cristina in Lisboa, Prtugal

Heather said...

Very pretty for the tawashi swap!

I am in two minds over the football. I used to enjoy it, but my eyes can't keep up now and it gives me a headache :( I can still watch cricket, though :)

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

Your tawashi is fabulous!
The portuguese district sounds great, and the best way to watch the football I think!

Sandra said...

great - I'm not the only one who loooves Euro!

I am knitting like hell while games are on! I am calling it well done spent time!

P.S. don't know why, but I am always huge fan od Portugal and Holland team!

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