Saturday, 21 June 2008

A tender moment between husband and wife

Today saw a trip to Taste of London in Regents Park. It was disappointing -the stalls and people behind them were good but it was disorganised and too crowded. The organisers were hostile and despite an entry fee of £35 a head we got thrown out at 4pm so the next load of punters could be jammed in. The food I had was great but the crowds put me off going to quite a few stands. We spent quite a lot of time drinking cocktails at some vodka tent. I won't go again. This was one highlight though...
Don't they look amazing? We bought a pouch of them and Pooch is going to make risotto. I love mushroom risotto. As well as mushrooms the dream team was also present, a la Meado and Denning.
Ladies, they're available and 50% of them are actively looking for love. The other is kind of passively open to opportunities as long as I don't set them up. He hasn't done too well at the end of my cupidesque activites in the past.

Getting out of SE london was a bit epic today as the jubilee line was down. Getting back thought was worthy of a 3-page saga with supporting chorus. Had to wait 45 mins to get on the third boat that arrived because of the crowds. Only thing that kept me from garotting someone with my circular was having gone to the Liberty sale beforehand. Rowan Silk Cotton £25 for a full pack.
Am trying not to instantly cast on this since I just spotted it on Ravelry. Think it will be perfect. Also a full pack of Rowan Summer Tweed also £25.
They also had tonnes of kid silk crack for half price too. Never really liked it though myself so left it alone. Lots of other cotton though and a fair few other bits as well as masses of japanese tourists taking photos. Definitely worth a visit if you are nearby.

Today made me wonder, how many photos are we each in the background of that we don't know about? Or even in the foreground. Look at this guy for instance.
I was a bit squiffy by this point and so taking quite a lot of photos but there he was sitting in the middle of a space on a bar stool looking pretty suave and so on yet undoubtedly alone. The stool was in no man's land between the proper tables and the bar. Definitely not at the bar. Just standing there all by itself. Intrigued me. I once had my photo taken in Camden for a japanese fashion magazine (streetwear type thing they have nowadays in one of those free london evening papers - the yellow one, not the purple one.) I was with my sister Sian and I like to think she was impressed at my stylishness but I think maybe she saw it as further evidence of how fricking weird I looked. I never saw the magazine (in retrospect, was it a fashion mag or did I have my skirt tucked into my pants or did I look hairy or something more specialist?) just as I'm guessing that guy isn't into knitting blogs so will never see himself in public view. Er yeah, no conclusion to come to on that one.

Answers to questions in recent comments:
1. Yes, they are real.

2. Where is the baby cardi pattern from in the last post? It is from "Impact Moda Issue 7" available from McA Direct or their shop in Edinburgh. It is something insane like £7 (for one book!) but does have some lovely basic pattern in it for babies and toddlers. Are at least 3 other things I want to make and am teaching a beginner class (at work!) next week so will be perfect for that. Pattern is on Ravelry here.

3. Tawashi patterns. The octopus isn't by me - I got it in a swap but there is a list of Tawasi pattern on Ravelry in the Tawashi Town group forum. It may be one of those? The ones I made are the furry mitt (my own pattern) and the flower.

4. Whether or not it is summer in the UK at the moment is the start of a discussion likely not to end til the rain stops. And that could be some time. Actually it hasn't been that bad but apart from some lovely sunshine at the beginning of May we haven't been doing so well so far. Today being the first day of summer of course means that it is all downhill from here so expect a return to thermals any minute.


Poohknits said...

What has happened to the pod casts? I really enjoyed them. Are you no longer going to do them?
We miss hearing about your adventures.

Lia said...

It looks like a lovely time. I miss your podcast :(

Michael said...

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