Wednesday, 9 July 2008

At moments like this it is important not to run round screaming with your pants on your head

My ongoing saga with royal mail goes on. I haven't had any post since a week saturday. One of the things I am waiting for is a letter from the PO Box division giving me my PO Box details. I had assumed I hadn't had any post because Royal Mail hated me or something. But I've finally spoken to the delivery office (they do this thing of keeping you in a phone queue for ages and then picking up and slamming down the phone as soon as they answer) and the truth is almost apparent.

It turns out that since I applied for my PO Box they have been keeping all my post at the office for me to collect. This is without telling me. One of the things they have been keeping for me to collect is the letter containing the details of my PO Box. Yesterday, after numerous squeaks and complaints from me to customer services, they realised this and the parcels are on the van today to be delivered. Except the building intercomm is not working and so he won;t be able to get in. The intercom hasn't been working for two weeks now. It won't be fixed til Monday.

So...happy thoughts happy thoughts. The acting manager (the real manager is almost always on sick leave poor bugger) assures me I'll be able to pick it up on Saturday if I go down to the office with multiple forms of ID.

Fortunately this is keeping me sane. It's from the Mighty Boosh Festival at the weekend. We were really lucky it didn't rain. Pooch was on good form.
There were loads of colourful characters. He actually kept those heels on for most of the day.
The comedy tent was a bit of a washout - packed, small, one-in-one-out so massive queues and Matt Berry was a let down - very dissappointing. But the music stage was the main focus and had Gary Newman and the Charlatans as well as my personal favourite - Har Mar Superstar. He started the set fully clothed. And ended up....
He was amazing. Truly. If you've seen the modern version of Starsky and Hutch he's the guy in the dance off with Ben Stiller at the disco. The headline act was the Boosh Band. It was just songs from the series but they were pretty good although no 'do you love me' from ol'greg. Julian Barrett showed how good a musician he is. His guitar kept the whole thing going.
There was also time for a little knitting.
You can see all my Boosh photos here.
On the knit front I've been making progress on my Henley. Mine's a cardigan. The back is done and I've started on the left front. The lace is pretty.
Also on the knit front, I'm now a Director of the KCG!


Steph said...

Classical process from the Royal Mail. It's exactly that kind of thing that keeps me in work - not for Royal mail thankfully. Hope you get it sorted soon now! Well done on the Directorship!

Wye Sue said...

And you are the youngest one ;-)
Glad you had a good weekend and managed some knitting, hope you were sensible and not wearing the high heels all day !! said...

I want your hat! I love it!! x

Probably Jane said...

I love Har Mar Superstar - he's a reminder to us all that you are as gorgeous as you feel!

donnac1968 said...

Love your Boosh pics, some of the costumes were great, especially the Gklam Rock Ski suit and the Tony Harrisons. What a laugh, great that people went to so much effort.

Rosie said...

Well, I'm sitting here suffering total festival envy and total "thank goodness I don't have her sorting office" relief!

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