Friday, 15 August 2008

Massaged to within an inch of my life

I can not quite understand why, but since I last went to see Timo at the Pineapple Studio so much time has elapsed that he and his wife have had another child who is now 6 months old. I really don't know why I hadn't visited for so long because the man is a genuine genius. He's so nice too and has an excellent memory so he was asking me about things I must have told him 18 months ago. It was like seeing an old friend. This morning I woke up with twinges from muscles I had forgotten I had but with my back ache much less than it has been for weeks. I would strongly recommend him if anyone in london is looking for an expert massage. Bliss.

Meanwhile the wretched henley continues. This is the cause of my bad cardi blues. I've lengthened all the bits apart from one arm which I am still slogging away on. I am starting to hate it though. There's nothing so ghastly as thinking you've finished something and then have to rip it back and do more on it.

To alleviate the monotony I have started something else. It's the crochet crop cardigan which I spotted to Ravelry. It's very simple and is going along quite nicely. Makes a relaxing change to the henley.
I'm using some generic purple wool I got at Coldspring Mill during SkipNorth. 500g skein for £6 DK and very nice it is too. And speaking of SkipNorth....anyone free 20-22nd March 2009? Because that is when we will next be going there. You can join the discussion group here or the Ravelry group here.

I also treated myself to some Tapestry. I've got a soft spot for this stuff even though it seems to pill awfully. I've been planning a clapotis hybrid in my head and I think 4 balls will do very nicely. I love rainbows even though the yellows make me look ill but the yellow in this is quite muted.

We're off to Pooch's parents this weekend for some extended family fun. Pooch is going to watch the football on sunday so I'll be coming back by myself. There are engineering works on the way back though so the journey will be 4+ hours. But then what is that to a knitter? I just need to remember to pack an extra ball or two!

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