Monday, 13 October 2008

Ally Pally 2008

Torben is going to be ok. They're operating again tomorrow but the outlook is good.

So trying to get back to normality, here is my ally pally report...

Overall it was pretty good. I went on sunday and it was really pretty dead which meant that I could actually get at the stands and fondle things without having to use my elbows (not that I ever do, ahem) and also got to chat to some people I haven't seen for ages. I read Yvonne's post with interest and I'd have to agree - there wasn't that much there that really grabbed my interest. Here is my haul:
I have to admit that my favourite purchase are probably these from Back Door Shoes.
I had a hard time choosing between these and the tomato print. He was a lovely guy and told me they would be producing a wool print one later next year. Am bookmarking the site!

This is the only yarn that I got.
The wool is worsted and for the ripple bag from the most recent Knitters mag. The panda is for a neck scarf like the ripple one by the Clapotis woman. You know the one I mean. However I have determined not to cast on anything else until I have finished the mobius cat bed for Artemis. Apparently she has taken to sitting on my step-dad and manipulating him into her preferred position while not letting him read a book. Mum thinks a bed will stop her as she'll have somewhere else to go.

I also got some lovely beads, buttons and fabric.
I adore the marbled fabric. I love marbling. I want to find out how to do this for myself. Plus check out the little octopus buttons - so cool!

I didn't spend my budget and so when I got home I got ordering some soft touch crochet hooks from web of wool (their stand, incidentally, was pretty amazing - a riot of self-patterning sock yarn - pic below) and some denise accessories from Woolly Workshop.
There is one other thing I have been sorely tempted by. I saw it at IKnit Day too and put it back then. If I've resisted it twice does that mean it isn't meant to be? But then if I keep thinking about it, does that I mean I should?
It is here at Purlescense. Should I.....shouldn't I....? It looks completely impractical.

Outside the main halls there was an interesting display of the hyperbolic coral reef, including this one, made from a crisp packet!
Was very interesting and gave me a chance to chat to Rosie too. She has taken over as Editor of Slipknot and I know is going to do amazing things. I also liked this:
I saw several little-old-ladies having their photos taken under the needles like a woolly guard of honour. There was also the usual sweet stand outside the main hall which brings me to my favourite picture of the day.
I seriously love strawberry bootlaces. When I was living with BoyAlex we used to buy packets from woolworths and eat them til we felt sick. Happy days.

To finish, I finally met up with Alice at Socktopus and as well as exchanging news she gave me to the skein of Wollmeise that was donated as the podcast prize. Isn't it gorgeous?
Seriously, I want it. Would anyone mind if I just kept it and gave some regia out instead? No? Oh. OK then. I'll be announcing the winner soon! And am tentatively planning another episode for next weekend.


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

fantastic shoes!!

Anonymous said...

Do you think that Ally Pally is losing its appeal because you now know where all the suppliers are and how you can get hold of their goods, so it's not so essential to grab everything on the day? And is Ravelry taking over as the best "information point"? I know I'm not looking at my Yahoo Groups so often now I am on Ravelry.
Mary the Knit.

katerina said...

The strawberry bootlaces look like yummy piles of yarn - every try to knit with them? :)

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