Friday, 28 November 2008

I think I'm being read.

I do like these posters from the latest Art on the Underground campaign.
Then not in the same series but similarly effective...from a wall in Greenwich.
It's been a funny old couple of weeks. To be honest there's an elephant in the room and so everything has gone to pot a bit. I haven't been doing half as much knitting as I would like to. However, I have been doing some xmas projects, one of which is a Tardis sock. Singular so far but it's pair is on the way.
I've also finally dyed the sock blank I got from etsy. Koolaid as ever and it came out very nicely.
Yum! Even nicer in a ball.
You don't actually have to ball it - you can knit straight from the scarf, but I want to make some stripey socks so it will be easier like this.

I've got plenty queued up to knit now, especially as this little gem has arrived.
I say little, but it is MASSIVE. Stuffed full of patterns and I immediately want to make at least a dozen.

In non-knitting news I've been out and about. 2 nights ago it was Stephen Fry at the V&A. This is the only crummy pic I have to show for it.
It was a Q&A with a BBC interviewer about his America series and book and it was fascinating. He is a charming man, very intelligent, funny, lucid, able to link the most obscure topics together, an excellent speaker. Basically it was brill.

Then last night I went to see Dylan Moran at the Dome. He was very different but also wonderfully brill. He also linked together bizarre subjects but it was, as the Pooch remarked, very well observed. I don't have a picture of him, sadly.

To finish, I give you my entry into the now weekly work bake-off. Ginger cupcakes with lemon icing. Though I say so myself they were rather fine. I'll find out how I fared on monday but I was up against chocolate ones with edible glitter, and edible glitter is a hard thing to beat.


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

love the Tardis socks. It must have been fab to listen to Stephen Fry, he's such a warm and intelligent man.

Craftydramaqueen said...

Lovin the Tardis socks! The colours of the yarn ball are very pretty.

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