Sunday, 7 December 2008

Mermaid - the results are in!

Hoorah hoorah - Nightcrickett! I have pm'd you on ravelry. Natalie at the Yarn Yard has donated her donation page so you just need to donate 20 squid to medicine sans frontier and then register it with the Yarn Harlot here. If anyone else feels like making a donation then good on you. Think how much it will mean to someone plus it will make you warm and fuzzy inside.


I have been knitting furiously on a plethora of hats. Two hats. Ok, only two. But they're good. But then I only have a picture of one. But here it is. Oh yeah.

That is Pooch modelling it, but it is actually for my office secret santa recipient. The other hat, which is a red beanie and the third I have knitted like it, is for another secret santa. I knitted most of it during the KCG Board meeting yesterday. It took place at my workplace since they lent us the meeting room for nothing and my CEO was there working. Half way through he stuck his head in and said goodbye and I just know he's going to say something about a roomfull of knitters when I get in tomorrow.

Christmas fever has broken out chez byrne. My sister came round yesterday and we put up the tree and I have been wrapping presents today.

Still not feeling very festive though. Must download some carols.

Christmas projects still to finish are the tardis socks, rob's cursed jumper, and something for dad. Apparently he has commented that I have never knitted him anything. This is because the two times I have offered he wasn't keen on socks and laughed and then begged not to receive knitted golf club covers. Just goes to show - be careful what you don't wish for, or something.

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Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

A glass of mulled wine will make you feel festive! My kids think I'm mean cos I wont let them put the deccies up till next weekend. If OH had his way they wouldn't go up till Christmas Eve.

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