Monday, 22 December 2008

On the somethink day of christmas, my true love gave to me - flu

He hasn't actually given it to me yet, but he is in my bed huddled in all my lovely handmade blankets sniffing extensively and looking like death. We're off to manchester tomorrow and I envisaging having to shovel him onto the train with some sort of poopascoopa.

To cheer me up, I have managed to complete all my christmas knitting. Here are a few...
Arun's hat. This is Arun and the Pooch as Arun's hat is an exact copy.
The tardis socks. (I am rather pleased with these.)
And finally, my piece de resistance, Pete's stocking. I really love this.
I wanted to hand it over when I met Nic and Lucy but didn't finish it until the last minute. But when we did meet up I managed to score this:
It is from the amercian diner in Romford. To be recommended.

I have also managed to score a mahoosive box of bits from Knit Picks curtosy of my aunt and dad, who brought it back from my aunt's. Why don't knit picks ship to the UK? Insanity. Mind you, I got this before the pound only bought you $1.47. Think it was about $1.90. Amazing. We're all gonna die. Anyway, I got the cat bordhi sock architecture book and tonnes of yarn. Enough swish dk for another blanket (since pooch has made my other one infectious).
Plus lots more. Oooooo, lovely.

OK, finally. I have done something slightly out of charactor - and bought a pair of 5" heels on ASOS. Killer.


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

love the tardis socks!

Becky said...

Those shoes are absolutely gorgeously fantabulous - just don't walk in them !! I am a sucker for a high heel, but can never walk anywhere in them and end up dancing bare foot !!

Your christmas knitting is lovely and Pete's stocking is a triumph - that must have taken you ages - did you have a pattern or did you just make it up as you went along ?

Merry Christmas - hope you don't get the flu !

Becky x

Vonnie said...

The tardis socks are fab but I'm drooling over the stocking! Did you use a pattern?

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