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Showing posts from February 10, 2008

Finished and started

I started these 2-needle socks at the beginning of december last year and last night finally finished the second one.
The problem's been so long since I started them that I can't find the first one. It's annoying as they've come out really well and are nice and snug so I really want to wear them! Will have to search.

My swap partner for the Ravelry Discworld Swap have come to a gentlewoman's agreement about not looking at each others blogs until we've exchanged parcels so I can reveal these:
The picture doesn't do them justice. I'm using the leftover red from my cherry blossom socks and some plain white and then around the ankle in purple it says "I aten't dead". Discworld fans will know that this is one of Granny's characteristics and as she is my partner's favourite charactor it seemed fitting. I'm also planning a few other bits and pieces which should be fun - I'm even going to have a go at dyeing some sock yarn for…

Mousetrap for the love mouse

Pooch's dislike of me is well documented. However I hadn't realised that he had taken to actively leaving traps around the house in order to hasten my downfall. This manifested itself particularly well when I got home on friday night, alone, and started fixing my own dinner as he had told me to earlier that day. I looked in the fridge and there were chicken kievs. So I cooked a chicken kiev and ate it. Sounds straight forward? Oh no. Because little did I know that Pooch was leaving out of date and potentially rotting food in the fridge in order to trap me with. To hasten understanding I should mention that Pooch is the cook and keeper of the kitchen in our house.

His true genius didn't manifest itself until saturday lunchtime. He'd gone out in the morning on the pretence of doing some computer stuff, which I now realise was to ensure he had an alibi and was safely out of the house when things kicked off. This left me at home alone to commence the being sick and associat…