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Showing posts from March 2, 2008

I went to a kniting show and forgot my knitting (and a podcast)

It's true. I went to the stitch and knit show at Excel yesterday to work on the KCG stand and forgot to take my knitting. Rather irritating since could have got through a chunk more rib on Rob's jumper. This is it so far.
Going to look like that for quite a while longer yet!

That meant that I needed to buy some yarn and needles and being patternless I decided on another preemie cardi and hat.
Finished them both barr the sewing up and the buttons while I was there. Not the best show although did get to catch up with Les and Tess from Silkwood which was lovely.

Some of you may remember this little beastie which has become forever known as "Mum's butt ugly jumper" even though its a cardi. I'm just living on the edge type crazy like that. She claims to love it although I find it hard to believe but did ask me to put some buttons on and take off the peplum which was ridiculous from the beginning. So I've done a finishing job that I should have done in the first …