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Showing posts from March 16, 2008

Bad blogger

I can remember rushing home from work to blog about my day and now here I am just bothering once a week. Pleh.

Something unusual happened chez byrne yesterday - I actually went out and was vaguely social....and with people I haven't been out with before. It was a gig by the band 'Susan George Booth' and my 'team' at work (aka Martyn) happens to be the lead guitarist and deputy singer. It was a strange experience. The pub was full of today's bright young things with lots of trendy haircuts and skinny jeans and quite a lot of flesh on show. All a bit ageing really. The music was what could be broadly described as shouty. The band describes itself as Grunge / A'cappella / Black Metal which I guess sums it up pretty well. I actually enjoyed it although more as an experience than because of the actual music. I couldn't make out any of the words. Jesus, listen to me. I am so middle aged. Anyway the point was it was good fun and it was good to be out and about.