Monday, 12 May 2008

Progress at last

I've finally finished the body of my mermaid.


Let me assure you this was no mean feat. Almost 800 rows, all garter stitch. 3 colours, short rows, increasing, decreasing. All crazy. On and off for literally months. But it is looking quite good. Only thing is there are still the two sleeves to go. Ah well...the end is in sight.

Pooch and I have had a rather difficult weekend. It was my first proper PMT since coming off the meds and he had Man U winning some cup or league or something so emotions were running high on both sides. Thankfully though we have good friends so Joe helped scoop Pooch off the pavement and Lou has sent through this amazingly appropriate mug. The red is absolutely perfect too. I had thought about getting the full size poster and putting it up in the place of the Man U painting in the front room but the mug is a good sub plus Pooch gets to keep his picture.

Yay for mates!
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