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Showing posts from June 1, 2008

Finished objects and nearly finished objects

First up the crosswalkers are finally finished.
I do love these but my god they took a long time. I found them amazingly boring to make. Very simple pattern though so good for a beginner looking for something a little different to the usual.

Next up we have the shrug I decided I couldn't live without. One sleeve is done and pinned in place now. One more and sewing up to go. Modified the pattern a bit since way edging was done sounded bit like hard work. Is a Debbie Bliss pattern but came free from Prima. And on ravelry.

In the washing machine is my third felted bag. I made the pattern up as I went along but my idea was to make it look vaguely wave like with a chevron stitch. Don't think it has quite worked as intended but I like the effect. Is a blue and green variegated roving from Wingham. This is it unfelted.
I love looking at the stitches close up to see how the colours come together and change as the pattern moves round.

Lastly I've started another sock - look how far its …


Have had real pukka flu! I think. Anyway, was too feeble to knit or even crochet for three whole days which I think counts as some sort of major personal health disaster. The post yesterday was due to be followed by a proper one but ran out of puff. Much more human today and no good reason for not going to work tomorrow so back I go.

DB shrug almost finished - did ribbed edging today sat in front of 'Clash of the Titans' on TV. Narrowly escaped having to watch 'Sleepless in Seattle' which Pooch claimed to genuinely like because it 'makes him feel nice'. Not sure if that means warm/fuzzy nice or Meg Ryan nice. Either way is disturbing. Also started another felted bag. Pics to follow.