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Librivox Socks

I talked in a previous post about how I was doing this Librivox collaboration. My original swatch wasn't quite right but I rather liked it anyway.

So these are my librivox socks! The stitch pattern is a 14 stitch repeat...

row 1 = [p1 k2tog k3 (yo k1) twice k3 psso p1] repeat to end
row 2 = knit (if doing in the round, or purl if on 2-needles)

On 3mm needles using your average sock yarn one repeat lightly stretched = 6cm
My ankle = 24cm. Therefore....4 repeats!

So for the shortest and possibly laziest pattern ever....

Cast on 56 stitches.
2x2 rib cuff for about an inch.
Use the stitch pattern above for the leg by repeating the 2 pattern rows a few dozen times.
Continue stitch pattern over top half of foot and plain stocking stitch over bottom.

Knit another one.

To make bigger/smaller - vary the number of purl stitches.

I've been doing mine on 2-needles. I'll post a pic here when they're finished.