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Showing posts from July 13, 2008

Give away! All free.

Am having a clear out. Send me an email to littlelixieathotmaildotcom saying which you want. I'll give it til Monday to let people have a chance of seeing the things then if there's more than one for each I'll draw a name at random. I'll only send these to the UK or Ireland though I'm afraid.

First up...t-shirt short-sleeved size L (approx 14).

Black jeans. Size 16 bootcut long length from Next with hand embroidery. Machine washable.

Free sock pattern from Get Knitted plus gift pouch. I don't know where I got these from but I've got two copies.

Random spinning bits - some very bad handspun (probably about 50g) and some bats ready to be spun but not very well made.

I'll post properly tomorrow about St Ives and so on. Woo ha!