Monday, 18 August 2008

The first cardigan was too small, the second cardigan was too big, but the third cardigan was just right, right?

Except I haven't made it yet. The too big cardi is still on the hook but look, it's too big right?
The word that comes to mind when I try it on is 'matronly'. It makes me think of the Queen. Not because she'd wear it but because she doesn't wear tight fit things.
I really like the idea and the combination of the two stitches. And I really like the idea of not ripping it out, but's too big.
I'm going to leave it on one side for a few days and see if it gets any smaller. Knitters will recognise this as a common tactic.

Meanwhile I have made some more stitchmarkers for another swap-bot swap.
This time the colour was 'orange' and yes, they are perhaps more red and yellow than truly orange but I think they'll pass muster.

The weekend saw me in Lancashire with the in-laws. All those jokes you hear just don't apply at all. I really love going there. This time I was once again fed to within an inch of my life and Pooch's sister helped me buy my first pair of tap shoes. I never knew she was an expert. I've signed up for lessons starting in September. So excited!

I can't sign off without mentioning Royal Mail. Ahhh, royal do I hate thee? Let me count the ways. I should have known that having screwed up in my favour by marking my account as paid when I hadn't they would find a way to rectify it. They cancelled my PO Box even though their compuer was showing it as paid and have returned all my post to sender. I called them this morning and they apologised profusely and have promised to reinstate it. Meanwhile all my post has returned to sender whereupon you can be sure it will never ever be seen again. I hate them. I really, really, really hate them. Has any company ever been so loathed? Why has Mr Branson not set up a rival? Pleeeeeease Mr Branson.
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