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Showing posts from August 24, 2008

Hey Royal Mail, why don't you go screw yourselves?

Fucking c*nts.....I wish, I just wish, there was some alternative. I hate them. I goddamn hate them. Every single chance they get to misinform and waste my time...AAAARRRGGHHHHH!

Happy thoughts. Calm thoughts. Kittens. Balloons. Buttons. Ahhhhhh, buttons.

Look what arrived (at work of course - this is the only place post is getting to me at any more).
Loads of lovely buttons. It is the Ravelry button group travelling button box. I had it once before a few months ago and it has been round the world since then before coming back to me. Anyone can join so hop on the discussion board if you fancy it. These are what I took out:
And what I put in, including some lovely handpainted ceramic ones:

There have been more stitchmarkers being produced too. Green and purple themes. The green ones are as an angel since their real partner bailed on them.

After some frustration and a certain amount of panic (stitch holder sprung open anyone? Eeek)
The bad cardi is done! I've got buttons on order from Wool…