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Showing posts from August 31, 2008

Quickie pictures

Had an excellent day at the IKnit event in London. It really was brilliant. Here are a few pics. I'll blog more tomorrow.

Plus gratuitous Pooch shot wearing the bottom half of him jumper. It's a lot further on now - might even have it finished tomorrow.

Pooch's jumper

Not much to report here. Pooch's jumper continues nicely. It was my first meeting as a Director of the KCG yesterday and as the Birmingham trains from Euston weren't running it was 2.5 hours each way plus knitting at the meeting (even though I was taking minutes!). I finished the body and a whole sleeve and started on the second one. But I haven't bothered with a picture since blue and green stripes - well, they're basically just stripes aren't they. I did get a chance to have a good look at everyone else's projects though and a pair of gorgeous cat mittens are hovering on the edge of being added to my ravelry queue.

Next week I'm hoping to get the SkipNorth website up and running and also announce the pricing. It's all coming together very nicely and once again we've been able to keep the price down to a very reasonable amount. More next week though...