Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Crazy slippers

I rather rashly offered to knit slippers for a very stressed colleague. I thought I'd give the 8 square ones a go because they looked quite interesting. I guess it was wrong of me to assume that I could work it out even though it was in finnish. I have since discovered one or two things that will help me in future but I kid you not when I say that three competent adults took 15 minutes to work out how to fold them. I'm going to make a video and put it on youtube. The first ones were too small but the second are just right. So the first pair will be for his son. Unfortunately his son is a twin and therefore I need to make another pair for his sister and it would then be mean just to exclude the mum so I've gone from one to four pairs in a very short space of time. At least I'll not be forgetting the folding technique after doing it 8 times.
They're not exactly elegant but they are comfy and a good way of using up leftovers.

I also finished the noro socks. I washed them and they have got a bit softer but not enough for me to think about using it again.
The colours are nice though and I like the long colour changes and it just happened I was on Ravelry (now there's a suprise) and I came across a link to this site. She sells the sock blanks that Easy Knits had on their stand at IKnit Day and you can dye them yourself. So a little purchase later and there is one in the post to me. I shall dye my own long colour changes!

Ravelry really is dangerous. I also saw the most amazing needles on someone's Ravatar and so had to ask where they came from. I haven't splurged yet - I shall wait and see what Ally Pally brings, but I have listed them as another of my many favourite sellers!
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