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Showing posts from October 5, 2008

Chocolate and knitting - perfect combination, and a give away!

Suse asked how the slippers look on...
They're pretty comfy and I think look kind of elfin.

In July Pooch got me a voucher for a chocolate making workshop for my birthday. And last weekend I finally went - it was awesome! There was tasting and history and then the making of 4 different recipes and then hands-on decoration. I came out with tonnes, of which these are just a small selection.
A week later they are gone, but by no means forgotten!

I've finished three socks since I last blogged. One pair is a christmas present so are on ravelry but not on here. The third sock is also a xmas present so I won't blog about it too much but seriously, look at this.
Remind you of anything? Honestly, I couldn't knit it in public. I had to wait til I got far enough along to invert the toe inside the rest of the sock and then keep it hidden like that. The finished sock is on ravelry. It looks truly awful until you put it on, then it all makes sense. This is the free pattern.

My final finis…