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Ally Pally 2008

Torben is going to be ok. They're operating again tomorrow but the outlook is good.

So trying to get back to normality, here is my ally pally report...

Overall it was pretty good. I went on sunday and it was really pretty dead which meant that I could actually get at the stands and fondle things without having to use my elbows (not that I ever do, ahem) and also got to chat to some people I haven't seen for ages. I read Yvonne's post with interest and I'd have to agree - there wasn't that much there that really grabbed my interest. Here is my haul:
I have to admit that my favourite purchase are probably these from Back Door Shoes.
I had a hard time choosing between these and the tomato print. He was a lovely guy and told me they would be producing a wool print one later next year. Am bookmarking the site!

This is the only yarn that I got.
The wool is worsted and for the ripple bag from the most recent Knitters mag. The panda is for a neck scarf like the ripple one by …

Pause for Thought

I was uploading photos to blog about Ally Pally when I got a voicemail from my Mum telling me that my sister's cheating scumbag ex-boyfriend had been ambushed in helman province and was being operated on to remove grenade shrapnel from his leg. He hasn't lost any limbs and his outlook is good but...jeez. It's a real reality check. She's still close to his brother and her wife so she is round there with them. Am really shocked. Will hold off blogging until tomorrow when I should know more.