Friday, 31 October 2008

Have got jam in my hair. Suprisingly inconvenient.

Pooch receives a text of the title of this post and calls me:

P - what do you mean you've got jam in your hair?
Me - (pause) I'm not sure what else I can add. I've got jam in my hair.
P - how did you get jam in your hair?
Me - I was eating a jam doughnut and the wind changed.


Getting jam in your hair is not something that they tend to deal with in those survival type books. Chewing gum, possibly, but jam tends to be given a miss. To be honest I don't expect there are many situations when a 30 year old, sophisticated lady about town would end up with jam in her hair but nonetheless it happened to me. And it is very difficult. What are your options? Wiping with a tissue, which really just rubs it in. Sucking might get it out. But sucking your hair to get jam out doesn't sit well with the 'sophisticated lady' bit of the description above. In the end I just had to do my best and wait until I got home. But ultimately it was very inconvenient.

Note to self - do not eat jam doughnuts outside when it is windy.

Things I'd like to do/make:

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Small but steady

Small but steady has been the motto of the last week, at least as far as knitting goes. I've finally started knitting my xmas ornaments for the swap on swapbot. The post date isn't for another 4 weeks but i want to make sure I get some good ones made and have some left over for me too. These are the first three.
I've also been working on the knob socks and my zigzag bag, but the knob socks are a present so I can't blog them anymore and the bag is basically just a zig bigger than it was last time I blogged so not much more to show.

The main excitement of the week has been the boiler. It's been leaking and a kind of soap opera saga has begun revolving around me with the kind plumber, alan, the sinister building agent, Leo, and the absentee landlord in Dubai, Tariq, all pirouetting around me. The plumber knows what needs to be done but the manufacturer just went into receivership and it could be two weeks before anyone can get another one. The landlord is awol and not responding to emails. Leo is freaking out in case the water leaks downstairs and there's another insurance claim. Meanwhile the water keeps leaking and here is what it is doing to the laminate in the front room.
Where you can see the ends of the planks that's where the water has reached and caused them to curl upwards. And there's water seeping out. And any minute now it's going to start smelling really baaaaaaaaaad.

Met up with my sister in Horsham yesterday. Did a good round of the charity shops and came across this:
Very sweet isn't it? But I couldn't help wondering what it was actually for. Bit random, having a knitting sheep holding cocktail sticks. Plus it was £5 so I left it where it was.

That's about it for this week. Work has been dire but that's a whole other blog post. But before I forget I offered some Noro sock yarn and the recipients are....
  • Nita
  • Daisy - except I don't have your address so email me at littlelixieathotmaildotcom and I'll send it along.

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