Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Hoorah for Igors!

I got an excellent swap parcel through yesterday from cherryred on Ravelry. It was part of the Igor Swap for the Seamstress Guild Group. So many brilliant things!

First up we have some beautiful crocheted fingerless gloves, some gorgeous sock yarn and excellent knee socks. We had that in common so I sent her some too.
Then there is an awesome felted soap - I've read about these but never actually seen one. I am going to try it tonight. Lots of yummy chocolate - there was more but it didn't make it home. Felted fingers (this *is* an igor swap!), a bookmark and some beautiful stitchmarkers.
Here they are closer up - look at the little feet!

All in all it is an amazing parcel - I just hope she likes the one she has got from me! I am worried it won't hold up in comparison.

Thanks for the kind words about knitters block...I have been trying to swatch for Sylvi and haven't had much luck. I dropped in to John lewis and bought a few trial balls to swatch with. They are all a little bit more expensive than I was hoping for but I'm not getting guage with cheaper stuff. It needs to be chunky and I'd prefer wool. Any suggestions?


Iris said...

Felted soap - how intriguing! Would be interested to hear how it works.

Liz said...

I love the idea of an Igor swap. Or should that be thwap? Nice goodies...

donnac1968 said...

Have you looked at elann.com, they have a Highland Chunky. It comes from Canada though so might take a while.

Can't vouch for it myself as I haven't ordered anything from them.

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