Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Knitting chat in the workplace

I knitted these three swatches last night. The turquoise in DB Donegal Tweed Chunky. The red is DB cashmerino chunky and the grey is the Rowan Purelife British Breed Wool. All were on 10.5 Denises and all are roughly the right guage for the Sylvi cardigan.
When I got into work this morning I gave them to my worthy deputy, Martyn, and asked him which he thought I should use. He looked at them for about 2 seconds and then said "that one" holding up the grey. He then gave them back to me.

I sat down at my desk (at right angles to his) and put the three swatches in front of me. The conversation continued thus -

Me: I know what you mean. It's got nice stitch definition. The turquoise one is a bit random.
Martyn: Yeah
Me: I do still need to block them all to see how the gauge changes.
Martyn: Mm
Me: The cashmerino also has good stitch definition and it would be a lot lighter. So the finished thing would probably be lighter.
Me: To buy the wool for the purelife at the cheapest place online with a 10% KCG discount would still be £73.08.
Martyn: What? How much?
Me: 73 pounds odd.
Martyn: I guess you'd probably pay that for a trendy designer type cardigan at somewhere like...someplace.
Me: That's true. Also in the purelife it would weigh 1.4kg. Wow, that's a lot.
Martyn: ...just assume I'm saying yes when you pause.
Me: I guess that includes a hood and long sleeves.
Me: But then with the lighter feel of the cashmerino it would probably be a bit lighter.
Martyn: Uh
Me: But probably still more than a kilo.
(New character) Jac: What are you two talking about?
Me: Which yarn I should knit this cardigan out of.
Jac: What's martyn's opinion?
Martyn: Mm

I can't believe Martyn is leaving - who am I going to talk to about knitting in the future?


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

he's not Brooklyn Tweed is he?

RooKnits said...

Have you tried New Lanark Chunky? I believe you need to call them to get some... however it could be a cheaper option... The grey is lovely. Well done Martyn.

Katie said...

Personally I'm a grey kind of girl. Fewer stains show up!

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