Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Growing (Up)

The theme of NaBlo whatsit for April is 'growing (up)'. This turned out to be so apt that I am starting a day early. Because today, people, I went to Debenhams and got my bra size measured. Let me draw you a diagram of my bra sizes so far.
Fairly simple. I've never been a big gal. So anyway, there I was in Debenhams. A very nice girl-considerably-younger-than-me approaches holding a tape measure.

GCYTM: OK, your bra size is 32.
Me: 32?
GCYTM: Yes, definitely. Look how much space there is with your current bra and that's a 36. (Stretches current bra so is suprisingly big space between me and it.)
Me: Wow. OK.
GCYTM: And the cup size, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, (stares fixedly at my modest frontage), mmmmmmmm, Dee.

Me: D? D?????

GCYTM: Double D. 32DD.
Me: .....................................Buh................
GCYTM: OK, I'll go and get some for you to try on (exit stage left).
Me: .....................................Buh................

32DD. She later said that I could try a 34D and get used to that but that I should aim for a 32DD. Jaysus. So it would appear my bosoms have grown up without me noticing.

Anyway, it would seem that my enormous breasticles are not yet getting in my way of my knitting. The coat continues a pace.
I broke 2 stitchmarkers I'd made out of fimo so have made some especially for this project.
Cute, huh? I got the charms ages ago and it seemed the perfect time for them to swing into action.


Camera Girl said...

Awwhh!! those elephants are too cute!!

Elly said...

She just looked to work out your cup size? No second measurement?! Surely that's not the right way to go about it....

Katie said...

I have to say from having seen you in the flesh there is no way you were 34B. I recently was given similar news by a bra measurer and I'm amazed how much better my boobs look under clothes!

Spinningfishwife said...

Cup sizes are proportional, so the D cup of a 32" bra is about the same capacity as the C cup of a 34" bra, etc etc.
Most folk take too large a band size and too small a cup size. If they take the size down and cup up, it's the same overall but differently distributed, that's all. But it looks and feels a lot better.

AlisonK said...

It is apparently very common to wear too big a band size. I was quite surprised, the first time I let a bra measuring person fit me, how tight the band was supposed to be. But that is where the support is meant to come from, so I suppose it has to be firm.
As for the cup, Bravissimo do it by eye too. The best way is to try a bra on - basically the boob should be fully encased by the bra cup. Bravissimo website has more.

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