Sunday, 8 March 2009

Where to begin

I hadn't realised how long it had been since I'd last blogged. And how has it only been a month since I came back from Egypt? Seems like years ago.

Pooch is now in Tokyo - he flew out yesterday for work. A couple of weeks ago he did one of the most amazing things ever and bought me the Godiva chocs I'd been promised for valentines day (but had then been ill for).
More than a jumper's weight worth! Choosing them was amazing - a real willy wonka experience. Here are just some.
It just goes to show how rich they are - I could only eat them a few at a time so it took 4 days to get through them. Godiva chocolates are just amazing though - every one is a real treat.

Sianybo came to stay last weekend and saw the knitted breasts laying about. It wasn't long before the inevitable happened....
We had a great wekeend with lots of good food, including cup cakes from Greenwich market.
All this eating of sweet things has had the expected effect on my waistline. I really need to get into better habits. I am amazingly unhealthy and heart attack country is not that far away. Sadly knitting has never been touted as a cardio-vascular activity but then again I've never found something that is that I could tolerate. Other than trampolining. And that's not so easy to find around here.

Anyway, the little bit of knitting I have done (and the grams of calories it has burned off) is duly here to be inspected. I decided to see how much sock you can get out of one ball of Opal. It turns out to be this much:
Mid-calf. I really liked this green when I got it - I seem to remember it came from Get knitted when it first opened and was half price. It always reminded me of kiwi fruit. But I was always saving it for something that never materialised. So here they are. I am wearing them today and they're good.

I've also started a little baby wrap in yet more sock yarn. I'm still trying to get around my knitters block and get on with something big but this will do for now.
It's the Drops sock yarn from scandinavian knitting design. It's very cheap and rather nice.

SkipNorth is rapidly approaching which is a bit freaky. Work is now really ramping up since my sidekick's last day was friday and reality awaits me on monday. It will be a relief to only be responsible for 43 knitters for a few days instead of 1300 Landscape Architects.

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Heather said...

I am so jealous about the Godiva chocolates ;)

That baby wrap is going to be stunning!

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