Saturday, 11 April 2009

Knit Tastic

I've got in some good knitting so far this weekend - despite interruptions. The not-a-poncho has the main body almost done. Need to decide what kind of collar I want and start the button band. Then I've also designed the first bit of the latest wedding blanket and done the first two of 49 squares. It's looking good! You can see it on ravelry here.

Despite Sian and Pooch's tag team efforts to annoy me it is kind of nice having her here this weekend. I got her Godiva chocolates instead of an easter egg and here she is finishing the last one this morning. About 9am this morning. That's the Byrne way. She's got the ribbon from her chocolates on her head. That is also the Byrne way.
That's Pooch in the background - very proud of his eggs. They were pretty good eggs.

Sian has been taking mucho photos while she's been here which is her thang - not knitting. She's really good at them too. Here, totally without permission, I bring you the first published work of Sperm-Breath Byrne. "Somerset House".
She's off taking more at South Bank today. I'm here. Knitting. Life's good.

1 comment:

Charminglochie said...

The first two squares of the wedding blanket are looking really good. I like the colours. And please let Sian know that her pictures are really lovely.

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