Sunday, 31 May 2009

She doesn't just knit

When the spirit takes me I sew too. Not as well as A Mingled Yarn, but I do it nonetheless. In the past 24 hours I have knocked out three skirts, all of which I am terribly pleased with and all of which were completely from fabric stash.

The first is from the curtain leftovers.

A straight a-line with a zip and button fastening. Strictly speaking it's too heavy for clothes but I love the print so I've just gone for it.

The second is the same shape but longer.

It's a slightly stretchy cotton mix so didn't need a waist fastening - just some shaping.

The last is my favourite - you know I do love my polka dots.

It is one of those proper circle skirts so has excellent movement...


....check out those pins. Also with a zip and button waist.

I couldn't have done any of these without my beautiful sewing machine with its button setting. Plus of course the book "Sew What! Skirts" which I can really recommend if you're interested in making some simple skirts to your own measurements.

I have also finished my wonderful blue cotton cardi. Hoorah for warm weather!

So nice to be knitting something other than baby blankets!

I have great plans to start Kei Mai from Cookie A's book which finally arrived from Amazon. I got a beautiful skein of Malabrigo sock from I Knit yesterday and just need to disentangle a circ from a boring ongoing sock so I can get going.


Elizabeth said...

Great skirts! I especially love the red one - perfect for summer weather. Which I think you are getting right now in London?

Anna said...

These are absolutely gorgeous. I'm a bit partial to a bit of sewing as well. I also like the little cardigan, where did you get the pattern from?

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