Saturday, 18 July 2009

Sew not ill

Pooch actually does seem to have flu. It seems impossible to tell whether it is swine flu without an autopsy (and he's not that ill) but he definitely has some form of something. I have a very very sore throat but that's about it. I feel like it is about to get worse but then that feeling goes away and it's just a sore throat again. Meh. It does bring into question whether I go back to work on monday or not. Policy is to stay off for a week if your spouse/child etc gets it even if you don;t. But the reality of having me sitting on my beautiful arse when I'm ok may not go down so well with my manager. Especially since remote access has been turned off since we got hacked.

Pooch has established himself in the spair room in what he is calling his 'den'. A la.
He has the cricket on the radio, his laptop and me bringing him tea and "beena" (ribena, to the uninitiated) in rotation. This of course leaves the front free clear for what he refers to as "one of your craft explosions". In essence I get a load of stuff out and spread it around without having to worry about him trampling it. In fact, I've kept it relatively neat. I took my vast collection of fat quarters...
....cut large parts of them into the stipulated rectangles (I am now at one with my rotary cutter)...
...and got to it:
I'm following a pattern from the book I have blogged about before and so have photocopied the templates onto 'vellum' (in reality tracing paper that they call a posh name to get scrapbookers to pay more for it) and am now sewing the fabric onto the paper. The patchwork and applique I've done in the past had always used paper pieces - like hexagons - or just strips sewn together and cut into squares, so this sophisticated paper piecing is a new thing for me. I'm also not very good at sewing curved pieces together. But despite the newness and lack of expertise I have managed to produce a quarter circle.
I'm not entirely in love with it but will do a whole block (the whole circle with 4 corners to make it inot a square) before I make a judgement. The whole quilt in the book is 9 squares with an elaborate applique border but mine is going to be 12 squares (3x4) with a simple border.

Always assuming I get that far!

Anyway, only another 47 quarters to go.

My Secret Pal experience is now complete - as a hostess I have got my group started and they all seem to be getting on ok. I have looked at all their blogs this morning and left little comments for them all. As a spoiler I have been in touch with my spoilee several times and have a parcel gaining shape for her. And I have heard from my pal and can not wait to be thoroughly surprised and spoiled!

I leave you with this which was outside the tropical fish shop a few doors up from my office on Thursday. The shop has your more usual fish on the ground floor when you walk in and then the unusual and more sensitive downstairs in the basement. Some acquisitions though, deserve to be advertised.
Don't shout or everyone will want them.


Daisy said...

Eeek, hope you both feel better soon! Love the crabs sign...

Judith said...

Lix, I'm down with the same creeping crud. Turned into a sinus infection. Yuck!

I hope you all get well soon. In the meantime, I love the "craft explosion" -- fun colors!

Anonymous said...

You're secret pal hopes you (and Pooch)get much better soon

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