Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Achievement Badges

I came across these amazing socks on ravelry and that lead me to the designer's blog where I found these knitting scout badges. Awesome. So then they led me to these science scout badges. Double awesome. I suddenly feel like I've really achieved something today.

I claim I am worthy of the following badges....

For bigging up the knit at every possible opportunity. I will be trying to teach my sister AGAIN this weekend despite her repeatedly threatening me with violence if I bring it up again. (There were two sisters at SkipNorth last year who knitted and made each other jumpers and stuff. How cool would that be?)

The McGyver Badge - Level 1
For repeatedly using a 2.5mm to reset the wireless thingy. Plus giving Pooch a limited edition 9mm to fish his wedding ring out from behind the china thing surrounding the foot of the bathroom sink.

The Host a Knitting Podcast Badge
A la la.

What do you mean 'can we talk about something else'?

The Knitting While Under the Influence Badge
Enough said.

Physics degree - has to be good for something.

Physics, people. Physics!

I did ponder claiming this one. And then I remembered this.

There was a little something last year that we Do Not Talk About, but which saw me making my 'That which does not kill us surely makes us stronger' Mittens.

The Arts and Crafts Badge
I is crafty.

The “my degree inadvertantly makes me competent in fixing household appliances” badge
I know what the different coloured wires in the plug mean! Plus I am better than the average at unjamming a photocopier. I think this may just be a woman thing though.

The “I’ve done science with no conceivable practical application” badge
In my final year project I made a ruby laser. It was rubbish. It flashed once and then essentially blew up in an unimpressive way.

The “I know what a tadpole is” badge
Which just goes to show I can do biology as well as Physics.


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

wonderful badges! want!

knit nurse said...

You are going to need really long sleeves for all those badges!

Daisy said...

Oh cool badges! I want one (or several).

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