Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Been 5 days now since I left the flat

Meh. Leg is still bad. Sleep really hard as can't get comfy. Tired. Meh.

Positive mental attitude - that is the only way forward. My mug helps.
It's still a week til the specialist so must really on happy thoughts til then. God bless anti-d's.

The enforced sitting still has upped knitting output but that's putting a strain on my shoulders so I may have to ease off. But having said that Mum's cardi is progressing nicely.
The final purple is very subtle - probably too near the grey really, but I like it and I know she will so I'm going with it.

Much praise to the Pooch - he's only been grumpy once in the last 24 hours despite looking after me so much and having to do all the chores. He stood in front of his wardrobe full of clothes and declared he had nothing to wear. Bless him. He was very excited this morning because he told me he'd caught one of the enormous silverfish he claims live in the bathroom. Once I'd got upright, knocked back the painkillers and had a bit of a cry about how much it hurt, I staggered to the bathroom for the official unveiling. He lifted up the glass and....there was nothing there. He swears they're enormous and that they eat wool, but I don't know. Maybe the pressure is getting to him.


Daisy said...

LOVE the mug! Hope things improve soon.

Annie said...

Long time reader and first time poster, which makes me feel creepy. But i'm not creepy. Honestly!
1. I hope you are feeling better soon, it sounds just awful.
2. I need one of those mugs, please share where one can be acquired.

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