Monday, 7 September 2009

I am in quite agonising pain.

My back has been worse this last two days than it has been during the rest of my life. This morning I could barely walk and was hobbling around. Lying down on front, back or side hurts, sitting hurts, standing hurts. I'm not at work because of the lack of movement and have been hobbling round the flat shouting "ow, fuck!" which has been surprisingly helpful although god knows what the neighbours think. I've had 3 physio appts and it def isn't any better so have an appt with a different one tomorrow to get another opinion. I don;t want the first one to be wrong as he's really nice but it doesn't hurt to be sure. Whereas it does hurt right now.

To cheer myself up I've been continuing with my crochet hexagon blanket. Crocheting puts the least pressure on any part of me. I'm about 100 down. I'm not sure how many I'll need but it did occur to me today that they will stretch so maybe I should start joining them sooner rather than later.

Apart from that I can at least be happy that my secret pal socks are done.
Very purty, Jane's pattern, Natalie's yarn and some Lornas Laces as the contrast. Love them all. I'll also been occasionally knitting away on the yarn my secret pal gave me in a pair of plain vanilla socks plus beads.
I added the beads for a little splash of something although in retrospect the yarn speaks for itself and doesn't need any addition. Once again, natalie's yarn.

Los Parentos were here at the weekend (another great piece of timing back-wise, wretched thing). I had to sit out most of the activites (or lie-out, wimpering with a hot water bottle on my back) but did make it for dinner on sat night. Dell Aziz's in Bermondsey square - thoroughly recommended for the food although the service was a bit touch and go even though they had a gazzillion waiters. The starter and main was delicious and from the set menu. The puddings had to be seen to be believed. Mater had the chocolate cake. This is your average sized piece with mater in it for scale. She is a mini-mummy but the cake was still enormous.

I can't resist finishing with this picture of a photographically dysfunctional family. Mum looks like she's heard a rude word, sian's scowling, I'm doing a muppet impression and there's Rob, (sometimes known on this blog as dad2) keeping it real. Pooch was there but was probably testing to see if there was wifi.


Probably Jane said...

Lovely socks!

And get well soon...

Becky said...

Oh no so sorry to hear that you have back pain that is so debiliatating. The family pic is great - it looks like you are expressing your frustration at you back pain !

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