Saturday, 12 September 2009

In Codeine we trust

My back was better - loads better. I hobbled into the physio on tuesday and bounced out again, leaping about like a spring lamb. The at IKnit yesterday I happened to cuddle a baby and on giving it back to its mater something went boink and then continued to get worse and worse and worse and ... you get the picture. It climaxed about 11pm with me crying uncontrollably and writhing with pain on the bed. No position made it better. My right foot had pins and needles and the muscles in the rest of my leg were hyperventilating or whatever muscles do. The out of hours doctor faxed a prescription for codeine to tesco but they didn't open til 8 this morning. Fortunately after a few hours it had eased a bit and I fell asleep - but with the most awful dreams. Now, the painkillers have done the trick but I can see the muscles in my right calf pulse which is rather too much like a horror film to be comfortable.

The worst thing - worse than the pain - is that I've had to miss the second day of Iknit all together - including the workshops I'd paid about £50 to go to by Alice Starmore and Debbie New. The word we are looking for here is "bollocks".

The only thing cheering me up is that I did get to the Debbie New talk yesterday and have a good go at the market so I'm not empty handed. The talk was *brilliant*. Engrossing, fascinating, insightful, intriguing, inspiring and loads of other adjectives. Plus we got to look and feel the objects in her book.

The sunflower coat:
The swirl baby sweater - I love this.
This is genius. Cast on the neck and work down using miters. She used extra ones around the nexk to round it out.
Just beautiful - colour, pattern, shape, all perfect.
Beautiful oroubus.

I didn't take many pics of the market as I assumed I'd be back today but here's what I did snap. Beautiful diplay of natural dyeing from the vauxhall city farm.
I absolutely loved this scarf with the bobbled tassles.
The fluffiest alpaca ear muffs you ever saw. So tempted....

And then there was what I bought. Again - I managed to score some very nice things, and just as well since I thought I'd have another go today. First up, P/Hop patterns.
Organic natural dyed wool from Norwool.
Pattern books and an actual book from the Oxfam book shop round the corner.
Vintage polka dot buttons. (Red and white polka dot? They had to come home with me.)
And the good stuff - all dyed by our very own Liz and from the Woolly Workshop stand. This was where I made most of my purchases. The top two are for my Secret Pal.
Plus some beautiful sock from a new entrant to the yarn market. Sparkleduck.
And i did try to resist, but Gill was just too tempting.
Then there were Herdy xmas cards and Wibbo stitchmarkers.
Beautiful brooches (blue one for my Secret Pal) and felt buttons.
I couldn't resist the brooch with the dangly bits once I'd picked it up. This is why. Made me laugh.

And the piece de resistance.....
This last one is from Tilly Flop. I hadn't seen her things before but they are rather lovely.

Thought IKnit Weekender, the half day I managed, was brill and much kudos to Gerard and all. Just wish I could have been there for more of it. Meanwhile, let's just keep those painkillers coming.


purl pirate said...

Oh hell, I really should cut down on the amount I'm feeding Lewis if that's what happens :(

Probably Jane said...

So sorry to hear your in such a fix - was lovely to see you though - and get well soon!

Susan Flockhart said...

Hello there... I've been reading your blog for a while and also listened to most of your podcasts. I wish I'd known you were at the Debbie New talk on Friday because I was thre too and would have popped over and said hello! Anyway just popping in to say hello now...

Diane said...

could you please tell me what book the Debbie New sweaters came from?

Liz said...

Oh NO! So sorry - I thought I'd just missed you yesterday as I was busy and left early. And you were feeling so much better yesterday morning... It was lovely to see you again on Friday.

RooKnits said...

Poor you! Hope you feel better soon.

Daisy said...

Oh no, although I'm glad you managed to make it to some of iknit at least! And I love all your purchases. Sorry not to see you - I could only make the Saturday!

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