Saturday, 19 September 2009

A last bite at summer

There was an unexpected last peak of summer today. I took this from the dock, looking across towards Canary Wharf.

Walking is still not great although I am getting around in my hercule-poirot style-baby-steps-type-way. The trouble is I still can't feel my right foot so I can't, for instance, stand on tip toe on that side or push off with my toe as you normally would when walking. The earliest appt I can get with the consultant is 7th Oct but I really hope it wears off by then. Mind you, it's been a week already and there's been no real change. My hamstring is quite painful but I don;t have to take any painkillers anymore so really I'm not doing badly at all.

Meanwhile the Bobbly Dongly Testicle Scarf is done. It's based on the one I saw at IKnit and is frankly brilliant. Short length of 'normal' scarf with i-cord and stuffed bobble on the end. It was difficult to take a pic of it on me so I used the Pooch as a model.
Isn't he beautiful? Then he agreed to illustrate the more personal element of the scarf.
Enough said.

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Probably Jane said...

He's a sport, your husband!

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