Saturday, 3 October 2009

And now for some Dihydrocodeine Tartrate!

Going to the doctors yesterday was the single most painful journey I've ever undertaken in my life. Getting to the bus stop was bad enough. How the hell do disabled people manage in london? The bus was a nightmare. Must look into what I can do to support modification of transport once the pain dies down.

I suspect yesterday is what has caused the pain to be worse than ever today. Pooch and I had a bust up this morning because the doc had prescribed 30mg of the pills (one pill) and it didn't do anything. So I looked it up online and saw the max dose was 150mg and so took another one. Pooch doesn't think I ought to take more than was prescribed and he's obviously right, but if the pain is worse than when is was prescribed and it is safe then I think it's justified. He's also worried I'll get addicted to painkillers but at this point if it stopped the pain I'd drink bleach so it's not a major consideration. Even with two pills it's still agonising.

Fortunately though I am able to stay positive because I've finished my Titan Hat. This hat is the business.
That's me doing my evil-underwater-ruler pose. The back bit isn't standing up as much as I'd hoped. I'm pondering interfacing or possibly wire.
Top is good too. Am wearing it now. So it can be used other than in Stingray situations. Which is good.

Another reason to stay positive is the arrival of Kerplunk in the byrne/whittaker residence. Pooch asked me what the balls were for.
His childhood recollection seems to have not involved balls - just pulling the straws out and whoever pulled out the last one won. It's a rather zen version of the game but I suppose feasible as long as no one knows how many sticks there are.

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Anonymous said...

That hat is the bomb! It suits you, too :) I'd have no idea how to shape something like that, well done for doing it in your current state!

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