Sunday, 22 November 2009

2 days til deadline

I wanted to get my kauni cardigan finished by the time i went back to work. Well, that is happening on tuesday and lo and behold, it's actually almost done. I finished the sleeves yesterday.


I did them both togther in the round with steeks between them. I sewed and cut the steeks, hemmed the sleeves and sewed them into the armholes today. It's all given me a massive headache so I'm resting on my laurels and leaving the sewing down of the steeks, the button band and the collar until tomorrow. I may not meet the deadline, because it's definitely going to need blocking, but I think all the structural stuff will have been done. I haven't decided buttons yet but I am sure something in my vast collection will do the job. Here it is as it stands tonight.


The Kauni has definitely not been a portable project so here are some jaywalkers I've been working on on-and-off for a few months now. The yarn is from The Knittery and ws a gift from a past round of secret pal. It is gorgeous - quite thick and spongy. I'm really happy with them.


Also finished this weekend is Pooch's tea caddy. He requested one a few weeks ago and having looked at very posh or horrible options I bought a plain wooden chest on ebay and have painted it with acrylic.


Pooch himself demanded the 'poison' drawer so freak out my sister. I've filled it with Nettle tea bags. Yuck. They taste so bad they can't possibly be good for you.


catmum said...

love your Kauni, I'm longing for one myself. Just started colorwork. Wonder if this would do in Wollmeise? It's not as sticky as Kauni I hear. Anyway, super job, love it. Hope you are feeling all the way better!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've been super-productive during your time off! Nice work on the Kauni, and I love the teachest :)

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